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Who Can Come To Neu Wellness Group?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

At Neu Wellness Group we have experience with and are able to treat all presentations including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. We also specialize in and have a strong passion for couples therapy and relationships.

But you don’t have to have a mental "illness" to see any one of us - you may just need some added support, or someone to talk to for the first time in your life. Going through high stress times, overloaded responsibilities, confusing anxieties, relationship stress, and painful emotions is normal, but so much harder to battle through on your own as the years go on.

At Neu Wellness Group we would be glad to see and treat any of the following presentations in Children, Adolescents, Parents, Adults, Older Adults, & Couples:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Stress

· Burnout

· Generalised Anxiety

· Social Anxiety

· Panic Attacks

· Phobias

· Health Anxiety

· Perfectionism

· School Refusal

· Oppositional Behaviour

· Parenting Strategies

· Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress

· Living with Cancer

· Self-development

· Mentorship

· Women's Health Issues

· Men's Mental Health

· Mild Cognitive Impairment

· Distress Intolerance

· Emotion Regulation Difficulties

· Impulse Control

· Pre- and Post-Natal Mental Health

· Grief & Loss

· Self-Esteem & Confidence

· Adjustment Issues & General Adjustment to Stressors

· Sleep Difficulties

· Anger Management

· Communication Skills

· Obsessions & Compulsions

· Chronic Pain

· Chronic Illness

· Carer Support

· Abuse & Assault

· Sexual Assault

· Body Image Concerns

· Self-Harm

· Sexuality & Sexual Development

· Terminal illness & End of Life Issues​​

· Internet & Gaming Addiction

· Learning difficulties

· Wellbeing Wellness & Self-Care

· Job & Study Dissatisfaction

· School-based issues

· Exam Performance

· Risk-Taking Behaviours

· Friendship Problems & Bullying

· Emotion Coaching

· Relaxation Skills Training & Mindfulness

· Meditation

· Workplace Issues

· Meaning, Purpose & Self-Worth

· Assertiveness

· Relationship Issues

· Couples Therapy

· Recovery following Affairs

· Increasing Intimacy

· Separation Counselling

We integrate the following therapies based on individual client needs:

· Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

· Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

· Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

· The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

· Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

· Solution Focused Therapy

· Compassion-Based Approaches

· Schema Therapy

· Gottman Emotion Coaching Skills

· Psychodynamic Approaches

· Motivational Interviewing

· Strengths Based Approaches

· Integrated Family Intervention

· Mindfulness & Meditation

We understand how hard it can be to take the first step in contacting a Clinical Psychologist/Couples Therapist. It’s terrifying, and the courage takes most of us years to find. We would be glad to have a brief chat with you over the phone to hear how you are going, what your concerns are about meeting us, and anything else you’d like to know before you commit to an appointment.

No matter what stage you are in with regard to contacting us, we at Neu Wellness Group look forward to hearing from you.

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