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At Neu Wellness Group we are deeply passionate about coaching, and see our role as helping you in digging out your inherent gold.

In addition to being Certified Executive Coaches, & fully endorsed Clinical Psychologists, we combine two decades of unparalleled experience in the business, finance and academic sectors to offer a unique and highly effective approach.

This being a fusion of Clinical Psychology-level trained strategies and Executive Coaching principles.

We have a deep wealth of experience and understanding of:

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Accounting & Management Accounting

  • Operations

  • Growth

  • Globalization

  • Management & HR;

  • Human psychology

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Postgraduate-level research in human behaviour change, habit formation

  • & Two decades of evidence-based research of longevity, health, chronic illness, and nutrition

to a depth unparalleled to the majority of coaches.

We additionally facilitate the development of skill and proficiency in what we believe to be the Winning Triad for any human being as essential in order to blossom, grow, and attain meaningful success in any arena of life.

We provide exceptional training in the winning triad, in the context of a supportive, warm, non-judgemental coaching relationship where clients can take a break from the busy, high speed & technologically driven environments of every day/night, to breathe, reflect, & gain insight into their potential whilst addressing any interfering factors. This being the key to unlocking the inherent gold that already lies within you.

We also understand the quintessential tensions of balancing forces of cooperation and competition in an organization, and in any game, and focus on helping you take up your leadership, management and performance roles with greater effectiveness, supporting you in shifting from one role into the another.

We help you develop leadership skills such as active listening, empathy, communicating clearly, thinking strategically, inspiring and convincing others, and psychological flexibility. This becoming a solid foundation from which you can operate and achieve success in any role.

We build on your existing strengths and manage any weaknesses, our objective being behaviour change, increased personal maturity and wisdom, and learning from experience of both successes and failures. You reach your own conclusions and devise your own responses from the time spent with your coach.

“A lack of authenticity is often one of the first criticisms that will be made of a leader – first we must know ourselves, then we must own ourselves, and only after we be ourselves wholly, can we help others do the same”

We shift you from first getting to know yourself, to owning yourself, then being yourself, and finally helping others do the same by asking questions that are not always easy to answer, however are what digs out the gold that already exists inherently within you.

Having an objective external coach without an agenda enables you to gain a more balanced and effective approach to answering these questions.

Beyond that, our unparalleled experience in clinical psychology private practice will help you address any psychological, emotional, relational or behavioural issues that may be getting you stuck. This may be in building emotional intelligence, psychological flexibility, assertiveness, addressing unhelpful thinking styles and critical self-talk, and much more.

We also recognize and celebrate your wins, which is as essential to the process as setting goals to begin with. We endeavour make the process vibrant, non-judgemental, safe, compassionate and fun.

What you learn with us you may adopt and use with your teams, and in every area of your life. You can also expect to find yourself staggered by the improvement in your relationships, not just your performance.

Whether you’re an Executive, C-suite, Medical/Health Professional, Sports Professional, or High Potential Employee, we would be honoured to establish what currently interferes with your performance, and help you implement new strategies in overcoming these to both reach and surpass your goals. Whether it’s a couple of sessions or a longer term relationship, it would be a pleasure to become a bold addition to your performance enhancement strategy.

If you might be interested in Executive Coaching, please use the Contact From to request a complimentary 15-30 minute telephone consultation with us at Neu Wellness Group. Please also see our other blogs on what makes a great business leader and reasons to engage an Executive Coach.

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