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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

"We are more like an acorn, which contains within it all the potential to be a magnificent oak tree. We need nourishment, encouragement, and the light to reach toward, but the oaktree-ness is already within”

Timothy Gallwey

The single universal barrier to realizing potential is usually a lack of self-belief (aka the fear of failure/lack of confidence/self-doubt).

Self-belief is developed through:

  • increased self-awareness

  • thorough reflection

  • visualization

  • development of additional psychological performance skills relevant to your goals

  • a commitment to action, and

  • feedback from recognized wins and successes that are deeply rooted in values and purpose

As such, peak performance is attained.

The coaching relationship is the crucible that contains the heat required for this transformation to occur. Success fuels success, so the more iterations of wins, the stronger the belief in the self to achieve becomes.

This then has the potential to spill across all arenas of life.

Have you ever thought about any limitations you have that might impact your performance?

That you’d like to overcome? And what it would be like if that limitation became history? As in for you, your staff, family and friends?​

Being human, having limitations is completely normal, especially when pushing to maximum peak performance. However, sometimes finding a way around these can be tough alone.

Think about how much capacity a human can produce during a crisis – they can perform at superhuman ability to save a child in danger etc. Whether that’s sustainable over the longer term is questionable, however coaching gently pushes you to tap into that part of you that very literally, can.

Coaching is the catalyst for performing at incredibly and at times surprisingly high levels, rather than when catalyzed by a crisis.

A coach facilitates insight, without which action and change can’t occur.

Insight translates to action, and without it, we are just reacting and usually doing so with a lack of self-awareness.

Awareness means more choices, more options, greater learning and effective change.

Life at the top can also get quite lonely, and feedback from colleagues can become less reliable the higher you get. A coach is an independent sounding board where you can work through problems and solutions safely, calmly, and in a non judgemental supportive space which can be a beautiful break. Especially in a technologically saturated daily and nightly life, it has never been more essential to have space to pause, think, and reflect, especially at the executive level.

Reasons to get a Business, Executive or Leadership Coach include:

  • Role transitions (e.g. from management to leadership)

  • Starting new positions

  • Joining new organizations

  • Developing novel thinking styles & perspectives

  • Increasing capacity for peak psychological performance

  • Experiencing personal challenges encountered within a role e.g. (with colleagues/subordinates)

  • Addressing hard issues in private lives

  • Experiencing relational difficulties (e.g. difficulties with assertiveness vs. passive/aggressive behaviour)

  • Address psychological, emotional and behavioural dynamics that may prevent realizing full potential (e.g. need for dominance & control, impatience, high need for self-determination, focus on action vs. thought)

  • Navigating work/life balance changes (e.g. increasingly senior roles mean more work hours which can blur lines)

  • Burnout support & stress management

  • Values, meaning & purpose clarification

Remember, leaders are promoted into their roles because the organization believes that they will develop, learn and adapt their behaviour to be successful in the new role, not just because they were good at their old role.

Coaching facilitates the development of the skillset needed to make this transition a successful one, within the organization’s objectives. Coaching additionally supports life events, personal matters, and transitions over time.

At Neu Wellness Group we additionally facilitate the development of the Winning Triad in our clients, which we believe from our two decades of unparalleled experience and understanding spanning multiple industries is essential in order to blossom, grow, and attain meaningful success in any arena of life.

If you might be interested in Executive Coaching, please use the Contact From to request a complimentary 15-30 minute telephone consultation with us at Neu Wellness Group. Please also see our other blogs on what makes a great business leader and why choose Neu Wellness Group above all else for coaching.

Whether it's a couple of sessions, or a longer term relationship, it would be a pleasure to become a bold addition to your performance enhancement strategy.

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