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Sujon Kumar
Apr 12, 2022
In General Discussion
When business and IT have different Telephone Number List meaning and outlook for value, conflicts are certain to arise. Business and IT organizations often have two evidently different perspectives of value. IT expert generally take a data-to-value approach. Where Data produces information, information Telephone Number List enhances knowledge, knowledge drives action, action produces outcomes, and favorable outcomes deliver value. Business management typically Telephone Number List uses a goals-to-value system. Business drivers and goals determine strategies, strategies drive tactics, which in turn produce results, and positive results Telephone Number List produce value. Effective business/IT relationships are ultimately a question of alignment. New IT skills, new business skills, and new perspectives that sets the stage for business IT alignment. But it doesn't assure alignment. To achieve Telephone Number List genuine association there are several things that must be done; some by IT, some by the business, and some collectively. Conflicts between business and IT organizations have existed from the very beginning of automated Telephone Number List Information Systems. We have accelerated in so many ways both in business and in technology. However, the problem still pestilences most of the businesses. The Business/IT crack must go away. The cost is high; the value is null; and the barriers that it crafts grow bigger each moment.
Sujon Kumar

Sujon Kumar

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