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SK Sakib
Apr 09, 2022
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That we get the most out of our Whatsapp Number List brands, and that we, together with our partners, make the world of food a little better in terms of health, sustainability and social involvement. We are growing fast Whatsapp Number List and are looking for a Junior Brand Manager to strengthen the team to help our brands grow even further. Who is Camps Food? Camps Food is a distributor of food brands such as Nature Valley, Häagen-Dazs, Ella's Kitchen. ebel Kitchen and Kleinstesoepfabriek. We are Whatsapp Number List responsible for the availability and activation of these brands at all retailers in the Benelux. But we don't stop there, we just Whatsapp Number List start there. We are true brand builders, and with our strong brands we grow categories. Always with one clear goal: to set the stuck food world in motion. We can't do that alone. That is why Whatsapp Number List we work closely with brands that want to make a positive impact on the world of food. From ambitious start-ups to internationally Whatsapp Number List established brands, as long as we have the same goal in mind: Feed the Change! Where do you end up? The Brand Development team is responsible for the commercial relationship with our brand suppliers on the one hand and the internal Whatsapp Number List and external 'brand keeper' on the other. A Brand Manager is assigned to each brand who ensures that we get the most out of the brands and that we achieve the minimum agreed objectives with the suppliers.
SK Sakib

SK Sakib

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