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What do Clinical Psychologists, Couples Therapists, and Executive Coaches do? What can I expect?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Whether you're an Executive, Medical & Allied Health Professional, Sports Professional, High Potential Employee, child/adolescent, adult, older adult, couple or family, we are here to support you through stress & burnout, adjustment, sadness, loss, relationship troubles, self-exploration & development, uncertainties about anything, overwhelming worries, emotional intelligence & psychological pain. We have all been there, and we know that it is much easier to get through things together (it's only human), rather than alone.

Seeing a Clinical Psychologist doesn’t mean there is anything “wrong” with you. Seeing one of us means you value yourself enough to add an expert-level friend (aka a Neu Wellness Consultant) to your life. And to your list of things to do for self-care. Even if it's an ad hoc, or once-a-month highly trained & experienced Therapist/Coach.

We know it can be quite hard to find a “good” therapist that will be an ideal match, it can take time. That’s why at Neu Wellness Group our clinicians are not only Postgraduate-level trained with years of clinical experience, but also have significant life experience to give them that “down to earth” nature, and vibe.

It is an incredibly terrifying process to sit with a new person and reveal details about yourself. We understand that, and can guarantee you will feel understood, comforted and safe during your first and all subsequent sessions.

Your first session will involve briefly going over confidentiality and consent. The rest of the session will be a conversation about what brought you in, your life history, and the goals you'd like to set and achieve during your time with us.

This initial session helps us understand you, validate what is going on for you, and plan the best possible treatment. Your Therapist or Coach will go over this treatment plan with you at your second session. After that, treatment begins. Though therapy begins and continues from the first moment.

If you are in a relationship and coming for couples therapy, your Therapist will typically take an assessment of you together during the first session, followed by individual sessions separately with each partner. After this point treatment begins, and is done together as a couple.

They say that strength lies not in never falling, but in getting up each time you're down. Our compassionate, down to earth, strong and empathic Neu Wellness Consultants (Clinical Psychologists) are here to support you in making your way back up.

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